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    Default Qashqai run costs

    Hi guys

    Considering the 2017/18 (pre facelift) 1.5dci techno.

    I like all the toys that come with the techno as well as the economy of the car being a new age diesel engine.

    However I'm concerned about total run costs. The car will be in warranty and service plan. I'm worried about the costs out of service plan and the wear and tear stuff not covered by the plan. Also being a Renault engine I'm wondering about the reliability and longevity of the car. My plan is to keep the car for a minimum of 5 years.

    What's the costs of a minor or major Service? Or wear and tear parts like brake pads? I've heard Nissan to be one of the more expensive manufacturers

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    Default Re: Qashqai run costs

    Hi MNK.

    I cant comment on the newer generation in general, but have the previous generation that uses the same engine. It is very economical. Our one is now at 104,000km and have not had any problems so far. I replaced front brakes at around 65,000km and could only find "Ate" at the time for around R500, and replaced the rear brakes at around 96,000km with a set of ferodo which cost around R710 if i recall correctly.

    the 1.5dci has a cam-belt and needs a major service at 90,000km, which I had to do due to the service plan expiring on the 3 year term. That was quoted anywhere from around R11,500 to R12,500 at various Nissan dealers in Gauteng. I ended up taking the car through to Welkom and had it services at the Welkom Nissan for R8,500.00

    OTher than that, i have had not troubles. The car is very economical as mentioned. My brother has the newer version which he bought just before the facelift arrived earlier in the year and drove it for the first time this weekend. I was really please with the way it drives. The throttle response is much better than mine, despite it being the same motor, save for some 3kw and 20nm difference. OVerall i really rate these qasqhai's and will like look at getting another one when it is time to part ways with our current model.


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