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    Default remote staff housing power

    Hi guys
    I want to supply some staff in rural Zim with a basic power supply. I think a couple of lights, charge cell phones and possibly run a tv or radio.

    I'm assuming a single 12 volt battery, solar panel and little inverter / charge controller.
    What sized panel do we need, and what size and type of inverter do you recommend?
    2008 UN type Patrol 3.0 diesel,

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    Default Re: remote staff housing power

    We use a motorcycle battery (I think 9 amp), connected to battery buddy from national luna. It clips on the top of the battery. This then allow a cigarette lighter plug to be used which can then charge once cell phone. We use a splitter that also allows for LED strip lights. On the Wild Cost one sees this type of set up all over the place.

    During the day we plug in a 20W panel into the same "cigarette" holder and it charges things up. Never been tested with a amp/voltage meter though.

    The entire set up cost R1500 and we have not yet drained the battery

    In terms of electrikery the experts will come weigh in soon. If for staff, I would suggest maybe a 35amp battery, slightly bigger than a motorcyle battery and can be easily charged with a small panel. But this whole "dont charge your battery below 50%" thing might come into play.

    Just a suggestion.


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