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    Hi, just to enquire if anybody has any fresh knowledge of the coastline route between Port Nolloth and Hondeklip Bay?
    We are planning to visit Namaqualand in August and our first off road excursion would be from Port Nolloth to Kleinzee. Does anybody what the road condition are like?
    Further, I believe that the road from Kleinzee to Koiingnaas can only be accessed with a permit from the diamond mining authorities and then only on the off-road track. The tar road is apparently only for mining vehicles! Should anybody have more information in this regard it will be much appreciated.
    I am towing a Backtrax caravan which is capable to handle some rough roads but not serious off-road situations!

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    I drove December last form Alexander Bay up to Hondeklip Bay, and through the park up to Groen Rivier towing an Echo Kavango. Some gravel and some surfaced roads. No gates nothing that stops you, excepts for the Park part. From Hondeklip Bay you need to go a bit inland to get to the entrance of the park if you want to drive along the coast. That mines are operating just south of Hondeklip Bay and will block you there.

    Through the park its sand tracks, but if you the deflate to 0.8 bar you get through with a trailer, and not 1.2 bar as they recommend on their signs.
    Johan Kriel

    LCs, Hilux and Echo Chobe


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