Khumaga to Moremi advice needed please

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    Question Khumaga to Moremi advice needed please

    Good evening members,

    Some advice from the seasoned overlanders needed please. We are a group of 4 vehicles (towing trailers) planning to visit Bots in July 2019 (first timers). We would like to maximize our time in Moremi/Savuti as much as possible and would like to know:

    1) Driving from Khumaga Camp Site (using ferry) would we able to do a short stopover (<2hrs) in Maun and still make it to Moremi in time to set up camp? (We would like to give the kids the ferry experience)
    2) If so, would Third Bridge / Xakanaxa be reachable or is South Gate as far as you would recommend?
    3) What's the general consensus once inside Moremi - base yourself at one/two camps (for +- 5 nights before moving to Savuti) to save setup hassles or move around more for variety? (Are the camps within Moremi so different from one another as to warrant moving?)

    Thank you very much,

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    South Gate is as far as I would recommend. The road from Maun to SG can be very bad plus stopping in Maun can be time consuming.

    I would spread the time between SG, 3rd Bridge and Xakanaka. Each area is unique. But it is very much personal preference, we don't like doing day long game drives which is what is needed when based in 3rd Bridge and you want to explore Xakanaka for instance.

    North Gate is prime wildlife area, and a long time favourite, but apparently the baboons and monkeys in the campsite makes camping a bit unbearable.
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