Fuel Tank size on a 3.0td?????

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    Default Fuel Tank size on a 3.0td?????

    Hi there,

    I was under the impression that the 3.0td Nissan has a 83 litre tank......well at least that is what all the literature states.
    Wierd, as the fuel light normaly come on at around 600km, go fill up, and it is around 62-66 litres. So today when the light came on at 610, I carried on driving, as there still should be plenty milage with a 83 litre tank.....chug, chug, splutter, that was me, stranded on the highway with 700km!!! Was filled at the garage.....73 litres.

    So.....what is the real size of the fuel tank??

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    75lts definately

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