I hope you're ready to have lots of 4x4 fun with EC Offroad Adventures this year, as we're slowly but surely loading all our upcoming events. Each one in it's own special way will be an experience not to be missed.

First up we have Slagboom 4x4 Trail on 15 February 2009. More information is available on http://www.ec-offroad.co.za/events/u...-february-2009. This is one of those trails you simply can't miss out on.

Then we have our exciting Night Event happening. This is a first of it's kind event here in the Eastern Cape. Why not join us in making history. Remember, everything will always happen in a safe environment when you're with us. To read more about this check out http://www.ec-offroad.co.za/events/u...ght-event-2009. Get your bookings in as time is running short and we need to book your space.

In April 2009 we're taking over the organising for the yearly 4x4 Megaworld GPS Event. This will put your GPS skills to test, while we take you to places you haven't been before. More information is available on http://www.ec-offroad.co.za/events/u...-gps-challenge. We're currently finalising pricing on this, so please bear with us.

Another trail not to miss out on, is Osseberg 4x4. This is one of the most beautiful trails that we've been on, you won't be disappointed. More information http://www.ec-offroad.co.za/events/u...4x4-march-2009.

We're also looking at doing an exciting 4x4 Tour from 10 to 13 April 2009. This is over Easter weekend. This tour will take us up to Rhodes and Tiffindel and explore the famous war trails and passes in that area. The route has been worked out, the accommodation has been organised, all we're waiting for are the final pricing for all the dinners and breakfasts. This tour will include all accommodation, as well as all breakfasts and dinners. If you'd be interested in doing something like this, please let me know on [email protected]. We will unfortunately be limited in the amount of vehicles we can take, so it will be based on a first come first serve basis. As it is our first tour to this area with a group of people, we're going to be offering it at a discounted rate. Details of this will soon be on our website.

If you have any friends or family that own a 4x4, please drop them an email to tell them about us, or ask them to have a look at our website.

And better yet, if you're on Facebook, why not join our group, http://www.ec-offroad.co.za/facebook.