Head apparently be cracked...

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    Default Head apparently be cracked...

    Fella's a bit of help would be appreciated.

    - Towing up Van Reenens and I overheated despite the heat gauge not hitting the red line...
    So I took her in, my guy did the block test and all of the rest, turns out that my radiator cap wasnt holding the pressure and the Head and Gasket have gone for a ball.

    I know there have been guys with similar issues but a few questions:
    1) Do you have to replace the Head or can it be repaired?
    2) Is it worth looking for 2nd hand parts?
    3) Guestimation of the damage looks to be 2 weeks and R15- R20k worth of work, any suggestions on how to minimize the damage?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Head apparently be cracked...

    Vehicle details please
    Lusted for a Landy but the Pajero was sexier and bigger in the right departments, just like my Missus.

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    Default Re: Head apparently be cracked...

    My 2005 3.2 DID overheated last year - radiator was blocked internal and external, but I did not see it. Result was a blown head gasket. It warned me a few times before blowing as I drove up steep inclines, by increased heating, but I delayed finding the problem. Took the head off and had it pressure tested (at a good local engineering shop) - it was not cracked, but warped badly. Had to skim the head on both sides, but that would mean you need to adjust the valve lengths and insert a thicker gasket to compensate. Not what I wanted so I opted for a new head instead - bought an AMC head from Alert Engine Parts (around R11,500). So, it depends if the head is cracked or warped and what you want to do (budget wise).

    Did a lot of other work on the car while at it - radiators/condensor/intercooler, replaced all oils, flushed gearbox, repaired leaking power steering, new oil temp sensor, replaced water pump (also new from Alert - R500) etc. Did all the work myself, so I know what is what with the car now.

    The car is ticking like a Swiss clock and I do not regret getting the new head and other parts. I do regret not replacing the radiator before as I had a brand new one sitting in my garage which I got for free.
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