Nissan Drivers Seat Collapsed

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    Default Nissan Drivers Seat Collapsed

    Hi Guys, my drivers seat has collapsed again. The foam in the seat died. This is the second time this has happened and 5 years ago I had both driver and passenger seats redone with new foam etc. Now I am thinking why not fit a set a BMW F30 seats which is very comfortable. (about the only thing I like about BM's . Anybody done this before and what are pitfalls if there are any?
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    Default Re: Nissan Drivers Seat Collapsed

    A diet may be in order
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    Default Re: Nissan Drivers Seat Collapsed

    I havea similar issue with my HB in that i bought it from a very BIG guy and he had broken the seat. after a few repairs he just told his mecanic to fit a better seat wich is a BMW seat . problem here is they only did the driver seat and i bought it with seat covers on and have a mismatched set up front. the BMW seat was grey leather and my std HB seats are Blue cloth centres and "leather" sides. i was hoping to find a seat so i can put back the std matching HB seat, NO SUCH LUCK YEt. the bmw seat wasent mounted propely but i have a std LWB HB seat so i put that in but still missmatched but comfy though.
    You can pretty much "make any seat fit if you have the patience a little skill and the correct tools. back in the day people said i was crazy to fit leather GTI MK2 seats in my beatle, they wont fit and beetels are 2 door and they golf seat u have to "roll" a knob to get it forward and back. i fixed that problem in 10second with a screw driver lol. probalem solved
    i have 2 sets of Leather Fortuner seats i am contemplating fitting in my bakkie. 1 in my D1 build and the other in my current mismatched bakkie.

    if you can find a nice set of F30 seats for a good price GO FOR IT. you can even run power to it to use all the seat settings maybe even the seat heating if it has.
    let us see what you get up to so we can all learn a thing or 2


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