Tyres have a 5 year design life or so they say.
I you abuse the tyres and make the stand in the same position for 6-10 months with load on they will get a flat spot or some other problem.
Even the bearings do not like to stand in the same position with load on them.

So take the load off them, and cover the tyres and keep them cool.

I did get between 60-70k out of my Wranglers.
When rotating tyres the Echo 4 and Ranger had the same rim and tyre size so rotation was done regularly.

In the almost 40 years of towing have lost one tyre on a caravaan in 1980.
This was a loan van it stood for over a year before we used it.
Replaced both tyres at that stage.

On the BL-Kewer the tyres size is different as the 3.2 has 17's instead of 16's.