I trust this thread is in the right place and complies with the rules.
My wife andI will do a Richtersveld trip in May, entering at Sendelingsdrif. We will havea Satphone. I have never been to the area. Advice will be appreciated.

  1. Can I access the Richtersveld Community 4X4 Route from our last stopover at the Gannakouriep Wilderness Camp? I cannot see any tracks on my InfoMap
  2. Is there an exit gate at/to Kuboes from within the Park?
  3. I can access the 4x4 Route from Kuboes as per the January 2018 go!Drive &Camp article. Does this mean exiting via Sendelingsdrif from Gannakouriep Wilderness Camp?
  4. My intention is a one day exit from Gannakouriep via the 4X4 Route and overnighting at Eksteenfontein. Comments welcome. While this is a glamping trip I will have a popup (ground) tent with us for in case.
  5. The trip home to Cape Town: any special places recommended. We have time (we think,D.V.)

Thank you