Some advise please

With the new vehicles coming out with larger wheels, how does this change your driving style, or should change your driving style?

For example;

We were used to visiting Namibia once a year, and would then spend a day a two driving around in the dunes near Swakopmund. With the previous vehicles running on 16" wheels, the norm would be to deflate to 1 bar or so, and enjoy the day. But what now?

Would it be safe to deflate these large low-profile wheels, or do we run the risk of damaging the sidewalls?

We also plan to visit the Western Cape and Richtersveld, where I expect more rocks than sand. How does this change the scenario? Is it safer to rather keep the wheels hard, and hope not to get stuck, rather than running the risk of cutting one of these wheels on n protruding rock?

Thank you