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    Default Fridge/Freezer Temp Setting

    So I bought a Snow Master Classic 56lt double door fridge freezer on special from Takealot for R7500. They delivered it this morning and I see the price on Takealot has already gone back up to 10k.
    Anyway...temperature settings !!!...I can set the 2 compartments individually, and would like to know what tempreture everyone else who has the same or similar is setting theirs too ? and does setting one side automatically set the other, as I have read that some fridge freezers do so (think the NL ones do). any advice or tips would be useful...thanks

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    Default Re: Fridge/Freezer Temp Setting

    My FIL has a dual compartment fridge/freezer.
    An just by playing around on the thing, I could change both compartments individually.

    Setting for fridge was 2deg, and freezer at -10deg.
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    Default Re: Fridge/Freezer Temp Setting

    I use 2 Fridges

    1 old 60 litre Snomaster for drinks - set at 5 deg

    1 new 66 litre Dual Compartment - Freezer(30 litre) set at - 10 / -12 for freezing meat and making ice; Fridge (36 litre) side set at 5 deg for all the dairy/salads/perishables etc SWAMBO is in charge of.

    O, and remember the 66 litre Snomaster is a fully interchangeable dual fridge/freezer. Meaning you can pick which side you want to utilise as what.
    Some other makes have dual compartments, but their settings are dependant on each other - complicated!
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