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    Hi All,

    I guess it would be polite to introduce myself prior to jumping into a question.
    I bought my Suzuki Jimny around October 2017, to be my daily driver. Since then, I have attended a 4x4 training course, and been up Sani Pass and through Lesotho. More about that in a later post or on request.
    As far as I remember, I always liked to explore. I always found myself going to unusual places. I needed to see every corner of the environment: be it a new work place, or a new shopping mall, or the country, my curiosity drives me to explore. For the geeks out there, I am an INTJ.
    I remember when I had a Layland Mini (2004 ~ 2010?), I used to go for "random drives". Get in the car, pick a direction and see where the road takes me.
    Fast forward to September 2017: I was doing a hike at Suikerbosrand (Heidelberg GP). I didn't want to come home too early, so I decided to explore a dirt road near by. Eventually, after changing my mind several times to where I want to go, I landed exploring the third dirt road. I was looking for yet another alternative route around the De Hoek toll plaza.
    Once I finished my last dirt road, so I decided to inspect the car. I quickly noticed that I had a flat tire on the rear corner. I knew that Balfour MP was 3km away, so I decided to drive the Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost PowerShift Titanium there. At the town's petrol station, an attendant changed the low-profile tire for me. (A sizable donation was given). The sidewall was cut: tire needed to be replaced.
    The tire got replaced after a week of driving on the spare. Once I was allowed to go over 80km/h, I heard the unmistakable sound of an wheel bearing. Being an engineer I researched what could cause an injury to the bearing. I found that a sharp rock could do that. With other factors coming into play, I sold the Fiesta.
    My first idea was to go for a soft-roader like a Ford Ecosport. That will give me access to the dirt roads with piece of mind. On the other hand, I may like the idea of exploring where the Ecosport wouldn't be capable of going. That's when I decided to go for a full 4x4.
    I settled on the Jimny for its size. Also, the car will spend 99% of the time on tar; 90% of its journeys will be work and back; 99% of the time, I'd be traveling alone. I wanted a small, fuel efficient capable car.

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    Default Re: First time 4x4 owner

    Welcome Lanyx. Those Jimnies are good. Very good.

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    Hi Lanyx, Welcome to the forum enjoy your Jimny
    Audi A6 Avant Quattro V6 tdi ( Sold )
    VW Touareg V6 tdi ( sadly written off )
    2 x Toyota Celica GT4 Gen 6 (Sold) sadly missed
    2 x Toyota Celica Gen. 5 ( Sold ) not missed as much as the above.

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