Dakar causing permanent damage?

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    Default Dakar causing permanent damage?

    I'm an avid Dakar follower staying up every night to watch the latest Review and Highlights on SS2. The race just left Peru to enter Bolivia.

    There's some breathtaking scenery in South America! I'd love to overland through Argentina and other South American countries in the future.

    Always trying to take care of nature and to leave it as unspoilt for future generations to enjoy, I always stick to existing tracks and clean up after myself.

    Having also seen some parts in southern Namibia where roads have been built YEARS ago, vehicle tracks can still be seen next to the road and into the desert. These tracks will NOT disappear for MANY years to come.

    There's some stages (Stages 3 & 4) of the Dakar where you see this nice dark/blackish desert hills and mountains. Wherever the Dakar vehicles drove, there are literally 100s of tracks in light/sand colour where the surface have been "broken". Looking at the terrain and realising that these hills are not constantly moving sand dunes like the Namib Desert, I believe these tracks would be there for GENERATIONS to come!

    I REALLY like the Dakar, but I really hope it does not come back to Africa and especially NEVER to the Northern Cape, Namibia and/or Angola...

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