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    Default Mana Pools, early Novemeber 2017

    Mana Pools, early November;

    We heard about the big rains ( end of October ) in Mana Pools before we arrived and we were a bit dissapointed because we thought all the animals will be gone from the riverside.
    We booked and paid for Chitake nr. 1 but were told several times that all of the animals were gone because now there was water everywhere.

    So we were happy they allowed us to change our booking into another private campsite at the River (Nkupe).
    It was our 3th visit , the other times we were there in the july / aug period, so the park was bone dry and brown.
    Now the hole park was completly green (after the big rain in the short period of 10 days, amazing ) water pools every where.
    The park guides told us it is never happened before that there was so much rain so early in the season.

    165 mm in 24 hours at the end of Oct.

    Wow, I heard the stories about the October heat but I thought it would be the same as the CKGR, so what was I wrong.….what a heat.. luckely we brought a mobile fan for in our rooftop tent ( tip from a forum member )

    When we left the park the only thing I could say; What a beautyfull park!! This was really worth the money.
    We saw more animals then in the dry period.

    Ok, wild dogs and most of the elephants etc. were gone, they hate wet feet but we had very good other sightings.
    There were 4 really skinny and a bit wounded lions resting on Mucheni 4 and we were at Mucheni 3 we thought; no problem ( they were a sleep and it was like 45 degrees ) and we will have an extra look at them after 5 o’ clock because it was really very hot….. but they did not mind, at 4 o’ clock I looked up and there they were… 30 metres from our table.
    They walked past us and had another rest by the longdrop that lost his cover due to the rains ( see picture )
    We followed them till 6.30 p.m. really great.
    The next morning after 10 minutes driving we found them again and they were folllowing a elephant family with little ones but after a while they dissapered in the bush.

    The next day when we went to our new campsite Nkupe we saw a dead croc and a hippo carcass close by and we were told that the pride of 12 lions was still in the area. We only found 2 lionesses with full belly’s.

    Our last night was a scarry one; there was a very big thunderstorm with very strong wind without rain.
    Very hard thunder and lightning everywhere.
    This storm was something I never experienced before.
    This was the first time we were not happy with our rooftent.
    We were trying to put the tent together at this suddenly change of weather but it was really scarry.
    At 1 moment we could not hear each other annymore. ( Arie was standing on the ladder and the hole car was shaking )
    I decided it was not doable annymore and our safety was more important then the rooftop tent.
    I really wanted to go out of the tent and go into the car….when I set my feeth on the ground ……. Unbelievable…above the storm we heard the roar of the lion very close by ( I remembered the pride of 12 )… So I jumped in the car…. Arie was still standing on the ladder trying to keep the tent together.
    After 20 minutes he got the tent in and joined me in the car.
    We sat in the car for allmost 2 hours and we were so happy that the rain not started at that point. ( 10 days before people were stuck in the park because of the rain).
    At 2 o’ clock in the night the wheater calmed down and we went back into our tent.
    We did not trust the weather and choose to leave very early so 5 o’ clock we were on the road to leave the park.

    It was a scarry and stress full night but I will remember this one.
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