Hello all,
I have a 1997 J95 Prado whose suspension I need to replace. My trusty mechanic says that only the rear shocks need to be replaced.
The choice is between stock suspension or replacing with something like OME.
Had a nasty run in with a rock (I'm assuming) whilst in Moremi. I was driving on a rutted sandy track and something in the middle took out my (very sturdy) bashplate (since repaired).

My questions are:
1. Replace only rear suspension with standard shocks
2. Replace rear suspension with OME (or other company)
3. Replace front and rear suspension
4. Should I raise the suspension to avoid further rocky issues? (I don't do more than say 1000 kms per year on sandy, rutted roads)

I don't wish to spend more than say R 2500 for rear, or R 5000 for front and rear. Thanks for your help and advice.