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    Default Re: Beware, I got robbed

    Did you take money from the stash during the time from loading until stolen?
    Always think: Could this be sarcasm?

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    Default Re: Beware, I got robbed

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinus View Post
    Not always true, sometimes there are some people loitering around in the bank, supposedly filling in forms, but they watch the people going to the cashiers/tellers and let their buddies outside know via sms / whatsup.

    Agree completely. Bank tellers are monitored and screened regularly. I would think the incidences of tellers SMS'ing details after a transaction would be close to zero. Also I would expect that the use of cell phones is banned for tellers, just as it is for customers.

    Much easier to have spotters. That's why I prefer the banks where the tellers are not part of the main hall, but a separate room. Even then there could be spotters in the queues.

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    Default Re: Beware, I got robbed

    Quote Originally Posted by offroaderja View Post

    The incident happened in East Lynne in Pretoria. I know I was negligent - stupid if you so wish and nobody has to tell me that. However, I did not draw the money from a bank. I took the money from my safe at home and put it in the Ranger less than half an hour before and nobody, not even my wife, knew I took the money with me. I, therefore, could not have been targeted. And I did not post the details of the incident to get anybody's sympathy. Losing R 9 000-00 is a lot of money but not the end of the world. Lesson learnt as someone put it albeit an expensive lesson.

    Those guys were well-trained and knew exactly what they were doing. I posted the incident to make people who read the post aware how easy it is to rob a person if he/she is not vigilant at all times. Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined how easy they will gain entry to my Ranger - very well thought out by those criminals. But we are all human and do make mistakes with serious consequences sometimes. If my post can help just one person not falling into the same trap then mission accomplished.

    I got away with my life and my beloved almost brand new Ranger and for that I am extremely grateful.

    Regards from a very vigilant (from now on) 4x4 community supporter - until next time...

    Thank you for sharing this. I have no doubt that this was the only reason you've shared it - to alert members as to how easy these things happens.

    Sadly, this will not help as much as one would hope to. People will get comfortable soon enough after reading this. It is human nature. That is why constant realization and training yourself is necessary.

    All that helps, is a real wake up call like you've had, and then if you're lucky you'll walk away to tell the tale.

    I had three such calls which is why I have sympathy for your experience (even though you didn't ask for it or want it) and why I am always always alert. Constantly. Train yourself to look around you, always.

    Guys watching you sees this and chances are much less that an encounter will happen, as they will realize you are in a state of readiness to act.
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    Default Re: Beware, I got robbed

    Very little in this thread actually matters

    OP was robbed
    OP warned us about method

    OP IS OK!!!

    Life is awesome.
    Glad you're OK Johann
    Stay Safe
    This morning I woke up,
    Making today a great day.
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    Default Re: Beware, I got robbed

    Johann. Glad you escaped unscathed. I had an interesting episode on sunday night. Was dropping a staff member in capricorn park here in muizenberg. He lives in a bad part of the settlement so im always aware of my surroundings. As he got out, a guy walking past turned around. I thought he was going to speak to him but didn't. I immediately thought. Dodgy! Look to my right and another big dude had climbed onto my running board next to me. I slammed into first and floored it. By now he was hanging on with a bewildered expression so i slammed on anchors and he disappeared into the darkness in a cloud of dust. Unfortunatly the trailer missed him. Most important thing is situational awareness.

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    Default Re: Beware, I got robbed

    Quote Originally Posted by offroaderja View Post
    Hi all,

    I want to share my experience with you all. Maybe it will help that none of you got caught out as well. Last week I stopped across a butchery in one of Pretoria's suburbs to purchase biltong. I was in the shop no longer than three of four minutes. I walked back to my Ranger and as I unlocked the Ranger with the remote and opened the driver door a man stretched out his arm from behind me and pressed the button/switch on the inside of the driver door that unlocks the other doors. I turned around and asked him what he wants not realizing immediately that my Ranger is now completely unlocked. He started to argue with me about something that I cannot even remember. I pushed the guy away and told him to get lost although I used much stronger language. Because I did not want to turn my back on him I back peddled and got into my Ranger with my back first. Then it happened. A voice on the passenger seat told me to shut up, not look at him and to look at the dashboard. From the corner of my eye I could see my worst fear has come true. He pointed a gun at me. I kept quiet as told but a million escape plans ran through my head. Anyway, he proceeded to search the cubbyhole and found nothing of value. He then took all the small change in the little space between the two seats, about R 50 - R 100. Then he opened the box between the seats where there was R 9 000-00 and took all the money and then got out my Ranger without saying another word. I started the Ranger and drove off for about 50 yards and got out. Both guys were nowhere to be seen. They simply vanished. I don't even know the color of the clothes of the guy inside my Ranger. All of this probably happened in less than a minute.

    What I want to warn everyone about is the following: When you approach your vehicle make sure no one follows you. I never saw the guy who walked behind me until I opened the door - when it was too late. The other guy was waiting on the other side of my Ranger. I also never saw him due to the aluminium canopy. Also make sure there is nobody on the other side of the vehicle, walk around it. Allow no one near your vehicle before getting in. It was clear to me that these guys knew what they were doing, probably caught out many other people as well. And it was also clear they knew the inside of a Ranger very, very well. They did their homework.

    I was furious about the lost money but coming to think of it, the money could have saved my life because the guy could have had plans to hijack me and my Ranger but when he saw the money decided to take the money and run. It was sheer co-incidence that I had that much money in my Ranger. I will never know what could have happened, but it was scary. I got caught out with my pants down because I was not vigilant enough. Let it not happen to you.


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