Hi All

A few months ago a guy hit the right back side of my Jimny. After much of insurance hassles and fights, i got the car fixed up. The rear axle was bent and they replaced the whole back suspension and diff. However, after this i experienced alignment issues. No matter how many times i did the alignment the car still veers to the left.

Different theories have come about one of them being that the back right suspension strutt/axle is not on in the right alignment. I cannot see with my eye or with a laser line if any of the components are misaligned and i dont have the experience to diagnose the problem, and neither do Suzuki.

Either way, the insurance wants no more to do with it and its maybe a good thing because they are useless. so i have taken it upon myself to have it fixed.

I am now looking for referral suggestions to 4x4 specialists who know what they are doing in the western cape region.

Greatly appreciated