Hi all, I'm looking into an aux battery system and am trying to find the alternator spec for my Land Cruiser 79 series 4.5D - from what I've found online it is a temperature compensating alternator which means that the output voltage decreases as the engine gets hotter and can drop as low as 13.2 volts when the engine is warm.

Is that correct? I'm also under the impression that it is a 100 amp output?

I've been looking at the CTEK D250S dual with the following setup:

2 x 150W poly panels wired in parallel for (18 volts 18 amps optimal operating efficiency)
2 x OmniPower 12V 120Ah AGM/GEL solar batteries wired in parallel for 12V 240Ah

The reason for two panels and batteries is simply for redundancy and the 150W panel gives me the most return as it's spec is very close to the maximum input voltage the D250S can take which is 23 volts I believe. The panels will be fixed flat on the roof of the truck and easily taken off to place on the ground.

I have a lot of film equipment that I charge - pulling around 50Ah on a heavy day at 700 watt hours.

The idea is that when I'm stopped in a place for an extended period the solar should hopefully keep the batteries charged and of course the alternator takes over when driving.

Any suggestions etc. would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!