Has anybody recently been (or has any recent info) on this campsite? We are going to camp there for two nights at the end of this year, but I have some fears that we will be refused to book this site at the gate.

We were there last year for the first time and back then I was certain that this is a regular and official public campsite in the reserve. When entering at Sekenani gate, we have stated that we would like to spend a night at Sandriver Public Campsite. At that time officer gave me really blank look, that I really didn't understand at that time.But on my persistence, he silently wrote down the name of this campsite on our entrance slip and correctly charged us the price for public campsite (which is 30$ for nonresidents). However, it was only when we came to the Sandriver campsite and realized that all the campsite facilities are in derelict state, it occurred to me that this might no longer be an "official" campsite. The rangers at the Sandriver gate were very welcoming and didn't ask any questions though, but we still had a feeling that we were actually wildcamping there. It certainly was a public campsite in the past, but now I'm afraid it might be officially closed and we might be denied to spend a night or two there.

I tried to find any firm info about its recent status, but to no avail. Also, apparently, "Two Monkeys (hugmin42 on this forum) were silently assigned some other campsite (outside the reserve) when they requested for Sandriver at Sekenani gate.

So, is there anyone here that has stayed at Sandriver campsite (or has any firm information about it) recently?