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    Default Re: Sandriver Campsite in Masai Mara Reserve

    Would love to see some cheetahs! Only saw 2 heads above the high grass of two snoozing leopards in CKGR, Botswana.
    Indeed, as a selfdriver you see much more if the guides share info. Their immense network provides them the latest sightings.
    Hopefully I can find some nice cats, share it and they also provide me with some intelligence.
    I spoke to a friend who just came back from the Mara, she also told me that the self drivers there didn't see much, only after info of game drivers.

    In Botswana, the guides were not too keen to share any information. After we notified them about wild dogs they became a bit friendly.
    In Khwai we met with a vehicle, they told us nothing worthy so far, others also nothing. We had to detour back and found them with their colleagues at a nice lion sighting.
    They knew all along..well it's in the game. I understand it's better for their guests (and tips) if they have private sightings.

    But...I am waaaay off topic.
    Case closed.
    Sandriver Public campsite closed.

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    Default Re: Sandriver Campsite in Masai Mara Reserve

    In the Kenyan Mara if you make friends with the rangers who patrol around in little Marutis/Suzukis then they will give you good information. And if you stop and speak to guides from the luxury lodges/camps, they are often willing to pass on good snippets of information. In fact, it is recognised Kenyan safari etiquette to talk to people in other vehicles. It really shocked me in southern Africa that everyone just drove past without so much as a hello or how are you.

    A wave and a “jambo. Habari?” will win you friends.

    I agree, this is all way off topic. Perhaps you should open your own thread?

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