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    Default Advice needed for April / May 2009 trip

    A couple of guys (myself, CJBH and probably a couple of friends) are planning a trip between 25 April and 3 May this year.

    Bearing in mind that it'll be on a shoestring budget, we would appreciate any advice and / or suggestions regarding a route etc. We are currently looking at either travelling up through Botswana with a detour into Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls, or a northern Cape trip to Augrabies and the Richtersveld area, but any other suggestions are also welcome.

    We'll most likely be in a couple of Defenders, a Discovery II, and possibly one or two other vehicles (4x4s only with low range), and will be totally self-sufficient. There's no need for accomodation other than campsites where bush camping is not possible or not allowed.

    Another consideration may be that it'll be a 'fathers and sons' trip with a least two youngish (8 & 10) boys on board. They're can rough it though, and have survived some fairly hectic stuff before.

    Anyone with any suggestions for a 'budget' trip over this period please post here.

    Thanks, Erin
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    Closer to the time, I will wave at you when you pass through the City of Klerksdorp

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    Default April / May 2009 trip

    Hi there,

    I have just come back from Northern Cape. Augrabies is over reated, but it pays to pop in ... see some water ... an dpop out, make sure you miss the shop. Unles it's on a Sunday you can walk out of there with a few 6 packs of beers (expensive, but when it's 43 deg one is willing to pay a bit more)!

    Very close by ther eis a very good place to spend the night and if you want you can arrange with them to do some water rafting

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    Unless you have your own gear make sure you book the tents on the river front or the challets, they come with 2 beds and you can talk to the guys nicely there and the'll put an etra two mattresses on the floor for your for free.

    Kgalagadi game Park is a very good spot. Make sure you buy everyting outside the park though. Who ever is running the Park must have a private jet parked in Upington !!!!! I woul dalso suggest you get yourself a Wild Card, so that you don't pay any entry costs at any National Parks you may want to go into.

    Zimbabwe ... well you know the story ... diesel shortage! Make sure you fill up in Botswana or strike a deal with farmes (if you find some) in Zimbabwe they always have fuel, payment only in USD.

    Have a great trip


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    In the time you have allocated, seems like Northern Cape is a good plan !
    Regards, Brian

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