Family Trip to Botswana - Advise Please

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    Red face Family Trip to Botswana - Advise Please

    We busy planning a First Time Trip to Botswana - I have confirmed availability at places below - for December/January, looking at 13 days trip at this stage.

    We will be traveling with our Children - ages 7, 9 and 2 and our Parents in their own vehicle and a off road trailer.
    I am just concerned about our Itinerary I have put together? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!! Having small kids - we thought to rather spend more days at a campsite, than traveling everyday to a new site. Aswell as not long driving distances between each set up.

    There is so much information out there, that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the planning. My parents are coming from Cape Town and we are coming from Johannesburg - so put Gabarone as the starting point to stock up etc.. - Is this the best option?

    Plan as follows - any comments or advise please! (Or more kid friendly camps sites)
    Gabarone - 1 night
    Khama Rhino Sanctuary - 1 night
    Nata Lodge - 2 nights
    Big 5 Chobe Lodge - 4 nights (Kasane)
    Mutyoa Lodge (Namibia) - 2 Nights
    Drotsky Cabins - 3 Nights (Okavango Delta)
    Thakasu Game Reserve (Ghanzi) - 1 Night
    Gabarone - 1 night
    And out - back to Cpt and Jhb

    Thank you so much

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    Default Re: Family Trip to Botswana - Advise Please

    Why do you need to stock up on your first day? You can take everything you need from here. If your parents are first coming to you I would skip Khama( bit of a detour from there to Nata ) and stop over at Molema bush camp .
    try for help,

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    Default Re: Family Trip to Botswana - Advise Please

    I am leaving now on the 22nd Sept for Botswana, I did buy myself the T4A travellers Atlas and what a joy to have this as a paper map in a book form. every time I spend in Bots I sleep at least 3 nights at Chobe Safari Lodge camp site and you can enjoy all the activities at the lodge, bar, swimming pool, buffet dinner (which is very nice) and the sun downer cruise in the afternoon on the Chobe river in Chobe National park. you can drive from Kasarne to Vic Falls one day trip but border gate is expensive now with the dollar at zim side which is $100 to enter Zim. Enjoy Bots, Caprivi and Delta its beautiful.
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    Default Re: Family Trip to Botswana - Advise Please

    Monique001, have you considered the risks of Malaria to kids below 3 years of age...Im sure its been discussed in detail o this forum though.
    I dont want to sound negative but the fact is that My daughter is just over 1 year old and would not even consider visiting a Malaria area before she'll be able to fully express and explain how she feels and what she feels when I expect she is not herself. A big reason to Malaria deaths is sue to people not acting soon enough when Malaria symptoms are felt.....

    It's my 5c on the topic. I hope you guys really enjoy the trip to Bots! hoping to do it with the family in about 2 to 3 years

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