UPS - Inverter - PC Solution???

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    Lightbulb UPS - Inverter - PC Solution???

    Any Electrical geniuses out there!?!

    We live on a smallholding. Power cuts out frequently. I bought a UPS (Believe it to bee too small to power my Imac, can't find anything wrong with it !?) I only need 40sec for the generator to kick in, but the UPS cuts out immediately with a loud constant beeeeeeeepppppp!!! I considered building a UPS from my duel battery system and inverter. But apparently the inverter need to be quite expensive in order for it to be the right sinus wave (or something like that).

    So. My question:
    Can I use my dual battery system with smart charger and inverter to power the (Underpowered) UPS? In other words, have the battery with charger and inverter in circuit before the UPS.
    Would this mean the UPS currently in circuit irons out any flaws, spikes or sinus issues that comes from the inverter? This would obviously mean that I can power the poor little UPS through the 40secs needed.

    I know it's cumbersome and not ideal. I already have everything. Just figured I'd make do with it instead of purchasing another useless UPS from the comper shop. Just don't wanna stuff up the Computer. (it is my main editing suite, so can't take any chances.)

    Any advice welcome.

    If this will not work....I have a wonderful little PC UPS for sale. Practically new, never did power a pc through a power cut.
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    Default Re: UPS - Inverter - PC Solution???

    What is the rating on the UPS and then the rating on the PC PSU?

    Some bigger PCs have 700w+ PSUs these days due to extra load from graphics cards.

    Some 27-inch iMacs are around 400w.

    Little PC UPS are around 360w and it won't handle that especially if the internal battery is dodgy.

    To answer your question: yes, you can feed 220v AC from batteries via an inverter to your little UPS.
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    Default Re: UPS - Inverter - PC Solution???

    Quote Originally Posted by PHS101 View Post
    I have a wonderful little PC UPS for sale. Practically new, never did power a pc through a power cut.
    Yeah, we have a few of those. You can power a laptop on it, but normal PCs, no dice.

    PC Power supplies rectify the incoming AC to DC and use DC to DC inverters internally to get to the voltage the components need. I have up to date not had a problem powering my PCs and laptops from a UPS as long as the rating was high enough.

    My PC in my study works my 800W inverter very hard and I was shocked to take note my LCD screen draws about 150 - 200 W all on its own. Perhaps your little 600VA (closer to 360W) UPS might not have enough oomph to power your iMac, I know it wont power my PC and monitor. I need a 1000VA for that.

    If your inverter is a little bit more powerful it might be able to do it. Note that most UPSs are modified sine wave, just like your moderately priced inverter so it should power your iMac just as well as a UPS with high enough power rating. Even our 2 KVA Office UPS put out a modified sine wave, and yes, it even powered the office fridge at the same time.
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