Mitsubishi Pajero Gen 2 & Gen 2.5 - Have you owned one?

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    Default Mitsubishi Pajero Gen 2 & Gen 2.5 - Have you owned one?

    Hi all,

    I own a Pajero 3.5 v6, year 2000 model, with just over 405 000km on the clock. Ive owned her since she had 244 000km on, 5 years ago. In the past 5 years, I have toured South Africa extensively with her, as well as overloading up through the whole of Botswana and Zimbabwe. I just calculated that my last trip to Khutse was my 12th cross border overland trip with her, and our 27th family holiday in her!! More than half of these trips were towing either a Venter trailer, Echo 3 & 4, or a Venter Bush Baby.

    She is getting on in age (km's more than anything else), but she is still strong, and still does everything I ask of her without complaining (okay okay, she has a drinking problem, but nothing more than most 3.5 v6 petrols out there!)

    So here are my questions to you:

    1. Who of you have owned a Pajero Gen 2 or Gen 2.5 and have sold it? I don't want to limit it to the 3.5, lets include the 3.0 and the 2.8 diesel...
    2. Do you regret selling it?
    3. Why did you sell it?
    4. What did you replace your baby with?
    5. Are you happy with your replacement?

    Currently, Im happy, but for the past 2 years, Ive been thinking of maybe moving on to something else... something like a Land Cruiser 105 GX (probably 4.5 EFI), or even a nice Cruiser 100 VX with a 4.2 factory turbo... Ive even been thinking about a nice Cruiser 80... they pop up in great nick every now and then...

    Please let me have your thoughts, Id love to hear from previous owners who have moved on from the Paj Gen 2 and 2.5.....

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