Only saw this post now. Thanks for warning others about this. We luckily made it through safely and then had to head south to Nakuru and are now in Uganda. We'll try to be better informed in the future.

That being said, we didn't feel threatened at all and there were two bulldozers working on the road. We also passed a police/army camp and friendly police officers racing passed us down the steep pass stopped to talk to us and they didn't seem surprised by our presence at all. We also passed two herders with their AK47's, but they also just waved friendly.

I'm not trying to suggest that it is safe or that other's should do the route, obviously it would be bad if something happened to us. But something can happen to you in your own house especially if you're living in South Africa. We met travellers who was captured by bandits in the north of Uganda. They kept him for 5 days, but he just made music for them and had a 'good time' until they let him go. Other people travel through the DRC or Syria. So on the one hand it is not safe anywhere in the world and in another sense it is.

Regarding the C road status, we've driven on a few C roads in Kenya that was tarred, like the C17 and C21 and recently the C40, so it seems that the letters are not that consistent. We've also driven on D roads that was well maintained gravel roads.

To add to the discussion about the way to Ethiopia. We met several people who came from Ethiopia or went to Ethiopia from Jungle Junction in the time we were there. A young german couple in an overland truck just arrived when we came back from Ethiopia, they drove through Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. Uwe Schmidt with his BMW GS1200 also headed into Ethiopia two weeks ago or so and is currently in Addis. I think they used the main road to Moyale without any problems. Another traveller Dan also headed to Ethiopia via the Lake Turkana route, but haven't heard about how it went.