Newish Murano 350z motor, beast in the sand.
(R2000 petrol at the end)

All equipment need for moz and sand traps
4.2 Rubber Duck with 2x30hp mariner with all gadgets needed for a good fight out at sea.
Deep Sea equipment (rods, reels etc)
R500 worth of the finest bait.


Roger Lopes
Carlos Lopes
Jono Torres
Francios Du Preez


Tan n Biki Macaneta Mozambique


Well planned before and total was R 2500-00 per person ALL INCLUDED......




We left Montana Pretoria at 03:00am 20/11/2008, the road was good and quiet and we had alot of scenery when the sun came up and we were nearing the s/caves (fog in between the mountains).

We got to the border changed R2000 for all of us and got 2.4 Met to the rand which was ok and safe at the bp inside the B/de change.

Sa side good no prob 7 minutes to be exact (3rd party I got at outdoor w/house 2 days b4 we left)
Moz side First we had a guy in uniform that told us to stop behind a truck and only one of us to follow him inside and because he was in a uniform we obliged, i got out and went inside when i saw NO QUE"S bells were ringing i was on my way to a BOYS WEEKEND in less time than I had thought...........then the guys behind the counter asked where are the rest and i said the officer told us only one can follow him so they stared at each other (for what felt like 10 minutes) for a few seconds and the officer asked me to go and get the others but then i noticed hey he is no officer he has a plain white no colller shirt and dark brown trousers (supposed to be black) but the hat was police edition im sure then as i walked out and called the rest an officer (real one) came down on this guy like a ton of bricks slapping and pushing this imposter around then laughing and explaing to me how this young man took his hat when he was in the loo.

We got out in 10min after that episode with no search NOTHING........

Got to Maputo and went to the market next to the total garage at the casino on the way to Costa Do Sol and had a brilliant breakfast.

Left for the ferry in Maracuene and got over the Nkomati without a problem.

Then its about 6km to Tan n Biki which took us 1 hour 20 min to complete because of the rain the past week the road was unpredictable and came out without a scratch with a softroader and a low trailer.
But the landscape is the best in moz because one minute on your left you have island paradise with palms and the next moment you have cows and herders and then you have kids playing in the marsh so first impression (i want to live here)

Now we get to Tan n Biki and let me tell you the web does not do this place justice. It had everything we needed and more it is perfect for family weekends, extended holidays, fishing trips, nature lovers i could go on and on but it was really that nice.

Needless to say Lester (owner) looked after us the whole weekend and I thought at first what makes me so special then I saw him doing things for the other tenants aswell so it wasnt just me he is just a good host.

Let me break it down abit more: the fridge had a case of 2M quarts
the chalets were clean and comfy
the 2 pools were heaven
the idea of the lapa is brilliant
shower water hot and cold
staff helpfull and R25 per day (houseboy)
scenery amazing
accessible and fun
R895 per chalet (6 sleeper)
TV for the Rugby
And blessed Enoch what a life saver....

Anyway's............for the rest of the trip I will shorten this piece...........

I cracked a whole in my boat (my stupidity)
Found deserted islands in the Nkomati that were a please to sand board, fish braai tan and booze on.
the water was OK (alot of jelly fish wind brought them in)
Macaneta is not well known but it is heaven on earth and closer than any other coast from Pta, Jhb and V-town and alot cheaper too.

When we left needless to say we would feel sad but had to put on a grown hat again and drive back.

I then hit a dog with the murano just b4 milly's on the N4 and siezed the motor trying to get to light at milly's needless to say car written off and now looking for a new toy for the my luck in 2008.........

Anyway if anybody needs advice about macaneta i have down alot of research so can answer alot.

AND if anybody is interested in doing some business up there or has a good idea I really would live there so PM me and lets get started.

pics on request