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Events in and around Pretoria this morning, with trucks blocking arterial routes are a reminder of why it is vital that each vehicle carry a Get Home Bag. At time of this posting reports are coming in of trucks barricading the N12 highway near Soweto.

Call it what you will, the purpose of the bag is to provide resources to allow you to get away from the scene.

At this point a few questions need to be answered:

At what point will you abandon your vehicle?
Are you prepared to stay and help those around you who are not as organised as you?
How far will you have to walk to safety?
Are you physically capable of doing so?
Do you know how to immobilise the vehicle if you do abandon it for later recovery

If you do decide to strike out on foot, you will need a comfortable bag that can stores basic items such as spare walking shoes, a hat, water, energy bars, extra battery for the cellphone or Hand Held Radio.

TacQM stocks a wide range of gear bags that can be adapted to your purpose-mission as well as items that will be vital to your objective: Getting Home.

Lastly: Whatever bag you choose, and the contents you put into it, make sure you test the gear selection on a day hike or even on your anticipated route home.

I did so in 2016 and it was a great confidence builder. A Bug Out

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