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    Default Easy to set up gazebo/ canopy

    Good evening everyone,

    I'm looking for a canopy/ gazebo that is easy for one person to set up and take down. I've used the common folding one's before and find them tough to take down by myself (need someone to push in on the other side as I push). I'm looking for something quick and easy to set up for one person that can be used to shade a couple chairs and a small table/ protect from rain. Mosquito netting would be a plus, but is not required.

    This Quick-Set Traveler Shelter made by a company called Clam in the US seems to be a perfect option, but it is not available in South Africa:

    Other thoughts or suggestions?


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    Default Re: Easy to set up gazebo/ canopy

    Oztent make a "screen house" that is very similar to what you have posted here. It has no see um mesh (very fine mozzie netting) and you can get solid sidewalls for three of the sides (not for the front) 4x4 Megaworld in Edenvale had stock (but with the Rand to Aus $ it was really pricey).

    Connie at has a really cool Maxzebo that is easy to set up too. A bit more costly than standard Tentco / Campmor / Howling Moon type gazebos but so much easier to set up and great for wind. You can get the tent version of it too.



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