Perhaps there is a mechanical knowledgeable Tata enthusiast in this form.

I have a Super Ace 2014 just out of warranty 113km on the odometer. My water pump packed up which was replaced & during that process the cambelt fell off & had trouble getting the timing back in. Now the vehicle has problems starting. As per my mechanic he swears the timing is set correctly as per Tata.

Due to me battling to start the vehicle I've already burnt out the starter which I had to overhaul it as the replacement cost is 5 to 7k. The battery was also replaced. I've put the vehicle on the diagnostics & was told I require a diesel pump valued @ 20K as the camshaft actuator is faulty. What I cannot understand is when I tow the vehicle & kickstart it, it drives no problem. It doesn't stall, it just gives me a normal ride until I switch off, it'll battle to start once again. Howcome I can drive the vehicle & the diesel pump doesn't malfunction, what the... I cannot fathom why this part need be replaced or are these mechanics plucking at straws.

Can anyone guide me into the correct direction as I feel I'm throwing money at the problem & yet the vehicle problem still persist. I cannot think spending 20K on a part which I don't have any guarantee that it'll remedy the prob.