Ford & Mazda 2016 2.2 XL D/C Diff Leaking oil

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    Unhappy 2016 2.2 XL D/C Diff Leaking oil

    Hi Guys, I'm rather new at this so bear with me. My 2016 Ford Ranger face-lift 2.2 XL D/C started making screeching noises on the rear left leaf spring, I used Q20 to try and stop it with no success. Finally today I jacked up the rear left wheel so that the spring could open up, I could get some Q20 in there and finally the noise stopped. While I was under there I noticed some oil sweating right at the end of the wheel by the brake back plate. There was a drop hanging and I could see on the rim as well. Any ideas or is there similar problems out there? 6200 km on the clock, never do any off road and drive only tar road, also no towing whatsoever.
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    Default Re: 2016 2.2 XL D/C Diff Leaking oil

    It is Ford's problem to solve!

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