Hi all, I am contemplating joining a 4x4 club.

First off all I am a single guy and doing some of the trails alone causes some damage and it is not always a good idea going out on a trail alone, hence my reasons for looking for a club to join.

My reasons are:
1. Safety
2. Meeting people (hopefully someone of the fairer with the same hobbies, haha)
3. Using my "bakkie"
4. Not going to trails on my own and sometimes needing the help of a "spoter".

I am looking for an active club with I guess something happening every second month. And preferably close to my own age of 35.

Allot of the clubs I found online looks fairly inactive, this is based on photos and events listed on the websites.

I am very new to the hobby and only done some of the obstacles at moegatle including the chicken route up the mountain, haha.

I drive a stock ford ranger 3.2 4x4.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and looking forward to the beginning of a fun hobby. Go 2017!