Is this a good buy for beginners?

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    Question Is this a good buy for beginners?

    Have a bit of dough spare so thought of getting a telescope for the family to use. Is this a worthwhile buy? Would not know what to look out for etc etc.
    Aperture: 114 mm
    Focal Length: 900 mm
    Focal Ratio: 1 : 8
    Maximum Useful Magnification: 228x

    Thanks for any input. Price cap is R2500 or so.
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    Default Re: Is this a good buy for beginners?

    Looks very cheap, you get what you pay for. Rather look at the real thing and see what they cost. And I can tell you now that those things are not cheap.

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    Default Re: Is this a good buy for beginners?

    As Stoffsuier says
    Quality is ronts

    I went down the same path as you 3 years ago and bought a cheapy for about 700 bucks

    Its lots of goood fun and the full moon is a lot of what I look at

    Rings around saturn - never

    But worth it as better than binocs

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    Default Re: Is this a good buy for beginners?

    Stay away from scopes that are not made by a known telescope manufacturer. This scope falls in the same class as the Kway scopes.....CRAP with inferior optics that will drive you mad. Are you aware of the regular collimation of the mirrors that need to be done on reflectors? I will never buy a new scope as a first scope. You can find great telescopes on Gumtree and OLX for the money you are willing to pay. You will find a much better scope than you will be able to buy new for the same amount of money. I am more than willing to assist you. ( Even better if you are in Cape Town)
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    The OTA (optical tube ) is probably ok for a cheap scope however the mount and tripod are terrible. The problem with these cheap scopes is always the mount . Weak mount will frustrate you as the ota is always shaking while you are focusing or adjusting .
    A decent astronomy shop is and
    I tend to agree with a 2nd hand purchase , a nice 6 or 8 inch dobsonian telescope 2nd hand sell for 2500 to 4000 , much better.
    Good luck and if you need any other help send me a PM
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