Newbie seeks Landy Reassurance, info & good books!

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    Talking Newbie seeks Landy Reassurance, info & good books!

    Hello All

    Happy to join the club and look forward to meeting other members!

    I work on anti-poaching in Malawi and Zambia national parks and have just - against everyone's advice - accidentally bought a landy instead of a land cruiser!

    This is makes me the 'odd man out' in national parks I work in as everyone (everyone) uses cruisers and makes jokes about land rovers. The only landys I ever see around the ranger stations in parks are on bricks; it's true. But I had a landy in the 90s and loved it like a friend and, with a little pampering, it kept me happy for many many years. Also, is it just me or are Land Cruisers just so BORING? Anyway, I'm originally a Brit and it's in the blood! So I kept my dirty little secret about landy-love to myself and planned to buy a cruiser when the time came for a vehicle upgrade.

    But then, I saw it: a beautiful 2012 low mileage landy for sale in PE with $20k of overland extras, ready to go! The LR dealership in PE told me the owner spent a year kitting it out intending to do a big trans Africa trip but then left suddenly for Greece. So she's ready to go, only done 80k km and comes with 2 year's warranty.

    So, with all their stories of insanely bad reliability issues, I'm preparing to face ridicule from my colleagues and their little cruiser club. And if they're right and I'm stranded in the park days from anywhere, they will be laughing so hard, I fully expect to be left there to die.

    Have I lost my senses? Has a momentary burst of nostalgia just triggered my inevitable public humiliation? Are modern (2012) Defenders really the ticking time bomb colleagues have warned me about? Where can I find others with similar aged landy success stories? Is there a list of dodgy standard LR parts to replace before heading off? What, beyond basic good maintenance, can I do to give my new steed the reliability prowess of a 70 series Land Cruiser? And what books, beyond the Haynes manual (which only seems to go up to 2007) should I be ordering to fill the landy's centre console with practical and inspirational reading?

    Thanka to all for any thoughts and I look forward to being a member!

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