I'm planning at trip to Kgalagadi March 18-25, 2017 and I need some advice. I am a camping and 4x4 novice. I will drive a stock 2012 LR Discovery 4 and tow a rented Echo 4 trailer. I'll be traveling with my wife and 2 kids age 12 and 17, plus another family with the same number of kids.

This is my planned route:

3/18 - Depart Pretoria, drive half-way.
3/19 - drive to Augrabies and stay the night.
3/20 - Twee Rivieren
3/21 - Drive to Mabua via Bokspits border post, cross to Botswana and then take the tar road to Tshabong and then north. Sleep at the Mabua Pan.
3/22 - Lesholoago
3/23 - Lesholoago
3/24 - Drive 1/2 back via the cutline to Kokotsha
3/25 - Finish the drive back to Pretoria.

Part of the reason for this crazy route is because I could only get bookings in Mabua and Twee Rivieren. My questions are:

1. Are Augrabies Falls and Twee Rivieren worth the extra time?
2. I'm looking to drive around the park via Bokspits and Tshabong because a) I'm not experienced and the road from Twee Rivieren via Bokspits to Tshabong looks like it's tarred, b) we're not hardened bush campers and a stay at Motopi does not sound fun, and c) according to Tracks4Africa and google maps it would be faster at about 5h30m. Our other alternative is to drive from Twee Rivieren to Motopi (I can get a booking there) and then on to Mabua. This would take 2 days and we'd have to cut out Augrabies Falls. Is the route around the park advisable?
3. Is there anything interesting to see or do on the route back to Pretoria via Sekoma, Jwaneng etc...?

I know it's a short trip but like I said this may be our only time to go to the Kgalagadi.

Thank you for your help.