4x4 Trip in a Hilux and KTM Adventure Bike (Eagle Falls and Louvain)

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    Default 4x4 Trip in a Hilux and KTM Adventure Bike (Eagle Falls and Louvain)

    A friend and I did a 4x4 trip from 10 Aug 2017 to 12 Aug 2017. The plan was to do the Burchell 4x4 (Oxwagon) Trail, the Louvain 4x4 (Old Voortrekker Pass) and the Attaquas 4x4 Trail at Bonniedale. From enquiring it came out that Forestry closed a big section of the Attaquas route and only a short section is open from the Bonniedale farm side. At a very late stage we were also informed that the Burchell 4x4 trail will not be accessible due to overgrown trails. So, plans had to be revised and we ended up doing the following:

    Thursday the 10th: Eagle Falls 4x4 Trail (on recommendation from forum members)
    Friday the 11th: Louvain 4x4 Trail
    Saturday 12th: Swartberg Pass.

    We usually try and do an annual trip with me going in the bakkie and Carel on his Adventure bike. Our previous trips were done in the Eastern Cape passes and we met each other there, me from Nelspruit and Carel from Mossel Bay. This time round the trip was in the Western Cape. To save some costs, I flew down to George on the 9th and then went from there, with me in Carel's Hilux and him on his KTM. I will not go into a comparison between my Ranger and his Hilux (HaHaHa) except to say that I enjoyed the trip in the Hilux.

    Flying down to George I took this photo of that I presume was the Gariep River.

    On the way to Eagle Falls we took the Montagu Pass.

    Some videos from Eagle Falls.


    The 2 of is at the lunch spot.

    Some more videos.

    That was quite a down hill.

    When we were done at Eagle Falls we went to Dwarsrivier as there is a 4x4 trail indicated on T4A. When we got there, we heard that the trail has been closed for almost 10 years. I will send the update to T4A. We then left for Louvain where we spent the night in very nice accommodation.

    The next day we set of to do the Old Voortrekker Pass. It was not to hectic but the scenery was good. After the pass we went to play on the forest trail. Some nice dongas and ups and downs were found. Here are some videos.


    From here we went to Cranes Crest that are situated on the road to Bonniedale, where we spent the night. Some welcome rain prevented us from having a nice braai outside.

    Our initial thoughts were to go and do the Bonniedale trails on Saturday. In the end we decided against it and we decided to see how far we can go down the Swartberg Pass to go and check out the road that had been washed away. We were a bit naughty and drove around the closed gate to go down the pass. This was from the Oudtshoorn side. I will be surprised if the road is not opened within the next week or so. With some careful driving I managed to go down a rocky step without damaging the Hilux's rear bumper. Halfway down we met a lady with her 2 children in a Subaru Forester coming up the pass. We told her that she will most likely struggle to get passed the closed gate. But she said she will give it a bash. We expected to see her coming down again, but never did. On the way back we saw that she found another, much easier route around the gate. 😊.

    Some pictures of us having lunch at the bottom.

    It was a nice couple of days and we enjoyed it quite a bit. (even if it was in a Hilux&#128514

    Now to decide what we are going to do next year. Carel is getting quite skilled on the trails now, on his bike. So, it will have to be something that will not bore us. Any suggestions will be welcome.

    PS. I don't know why all the photos does not display upright. I tried on the web site and when it did not work I tried in Tappatalk, but the end result was the same😡.
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    Default Re: 4x4 Trip in a Hilux and KTM Adventure Bike (Eagle Falls and Louvain)

    Very nice trip
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