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    Last year we went through Namibia with my Rubicon 3.6 Pentastar towing a Conqueror offroad caravan. Highway was in the region of 16-18 litres per 100.

    In the riverbeds in thick sand, the Rubicon V6 has a drinking problem. The computer said 38.5 litres per 100km. So in reality it is about 2.5km per litre.

    But then I never bought it for the consumption figures. It must got where it is pointed!
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    Default Worst Fuel Consumption ever!!

    I once floored my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8 up a steep hill for about 2km with my Jurgens Exclusive caravan in tow. The specific fuel consumption during this 2km sprint, was 88L/100km according to the onboard readout!

    Mine: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L Hemi Ltd - (OME 2" lift, JK Rims, 1.25" wheel spacers, Firestone Destination A/T 265/65/17 tyres & free-flow silencer)
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    Default Re: Worst Fuel Consumption ever!!

    1991 VW T3 Syncro. Dry weight is so 1,7 ton. Laai met werk toerusting (so 100kg) en 2 spaarwiele. 15" rims instede van 14" met 109 profiles. Niks wind. Pad tussen Jhb en Steelpoort verbruik was tussen 5.1 en 5.3km/l. Bietjie rof as mens van n ander kar af kom 16km/l. Prys wat mens betaal vir spasie en gemak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaus-Dieter View Post
    Methanol BTU baie minder as petrol As ek reg onthou is die sowat 50% minder as petrol Die selfde as Ethanol Nou as jy 5l Tolulene meng met 50l Methanol/Ethanol dan het jy n vuurpyl onder jou g&t By gese dit werk net met hoe Kompressie enjins soos daai 14.8 :1 soos joune daai is diesel Kompessie ratios
    Jy is heeltemal reg. Selfs daai 2.4 Diesel starter wou hom nie draai tensy ek die 60K volt "MAGNETO" se "SPARK" afgesit het nie. Vliegwiel was super lig, so kon ook nie momentum opbou nie!! Hillborn inspuiting; SONDER pulses wat n straal Methanol so duk soos n vuurhoutjie na elke piston spuit. Vandaar die astronomiese verbruik van 3 lit/ km....Die kombinasie van Methanol en toluene se uitlaat gasse op jou sinus en oe sal ek nooit vergeet nie....en ook nie daai werkverrigting nie.....Krag tot gewig verhouding van 4;1 !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernhardt View Post
    I have a manual 2010 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D4D that I towed my Jurgens Fleetline caravan with. The average usage differed between 8.9km/l to 7.9km/l (11.2l/100km to 12.65l/100km) depending on hills. After I have heard that the Amarok is the best towing vehicle and one of my uncles traded his Fortuner for an Amarok and said that you can not even compare the towing and comfort experience, I bought a 2014 Amarok 4motion auto last week. The past weekend we decided to go to Badplaas for a breakaway and to test the Amarok's towing capabality.

    I can honestly say that my uncle was spot on. It is really a remarkable towing vehicle and that the comfort is not even comparable (I love my Fortuner (Toyota), but the Amarok is in a differnt class). There was just one downfall. The best fuel consumption that I could manage to get was 6.1km/l (16.4l/100km). It seems as if the 2 liter is just a little to light in the pants to pull a caravan efficiently (more than enough power).

    BUT, and it is a big BUT, I will rather tow with the Amarok as it is really a great vehicle and very comfortable!!!!!


    6.9 seems high. I get around 7.5 when towing my bush lapa.
    Toyota Fortuner 2.8 GD6 4x4 MT
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