Fortuner Clutch Insecurity

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    Default Clutch Insecurity

    A couple of years ago I experienced a slipping clutch while towing our Jurgens Xcape with our 2010 Fortuner. Toyota in PE replaced it overnight and we were on our way the following morning. We had no further problem.
    However we've replaced the Xcape with something a little heavier and I'm starting to feel a bit insecure about the clutch again. When pulling away in 1st gear high range we sometimes get a definite 'clutchy' smell - it doesn't happen in low range. The clutch has not been slipping and I've learned to treat it gently, keeping the revs up and changing down gears going up even a gentle slope etc.
    Toyota tell me there isn't a more robust clutch available but we're shortly leaving on a longish trip up to Kruger (including a certain amount of off-road stuff) and I'm a little worried about the clutch being up to the job for about 3,000 km of towing.
    Any thoughts on the matter?

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    Default Re: Clutch Insecurity

    Short of changing the clutch again, I suggest you be gentle on pull away. Once going it will be OK.

    Especially when pulling off on inclines, try to "jack knife" the combination so that your initial take on the clutch is less with just straightening the combination before taking the full load.

    And use low range where possible.

    My 2c worth.
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