Cholera alert for Mozambique

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    Default Cholera alert for Mozambique

    Cholera alert if you're travelling through Manica province to or from Zimbabwe: I think their "3 500km north of Maputo" is somewhat out, but the warning remains

    MAPUTO Nov 6 Sapa
    Health authorities in the central province of Manica in Mozambique have declared a maximum cholera alert in the whole province after at least 50 people died in the Guru district north of the province.
    Manica provincial governor, Mauricio Viera, was quoted by the daily Noticias on Thursday as announcing the measure as a way of controlling the further spread of the disease to other parts of the province.
    The paper also said teams from Medecins sans Frontiers in Tete province, Oxfam, Magariro -- a local NGO, and the Save the Children Fund had also been sent to the affected district to monitor the disease.
    On Wednesday health officials in Manica confirmed that the cholera infection was detected after people from that district drank water from a lagoon in a village of Guru district -- about 3,500 kilometres north of Maputo, near the Zimbabwean border.
    Ivelia Malora, a doctor working in Manica province said in a telephone interview on Wednesday that authorities had isolated the district, and "nobody can go into and out of the district until the cholera infection is controlled."
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    Default cholera in moz

    the lagoon isn't lake chicamba, is it? we're scheduled to camp there night of 23-12-2008

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