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    [QUOTE=StephanJvR;3806854]2017 Hilux 2.8 SC 4x2
    Used for work with full toolbox.

    GEARBOX !!

    If you drive for say 100km to get the box warm there is a noise(rattling) from the box.

    This happens when you stop and pull away and it is amplified in 3rd gear from 2000rpm onwards on half throttle.

    This gets worse if you pull n trailer(double axle) and in 3rd.
    It sounds like the cluster shaft or selectors wants to climb out of the box and is exactly the same on the other three 2.8's.

    Dealer say they can hear the noise but as it is low km they want to monitor it and see what it does with new oil before opening the box.

    Me thinks they dont know what to do about the problem.
    And they also say they have no issuses with this box but that is just because no one will dare say there is a problem with a HILUX !!

    Have you got any additional information on the noise at 2000rpm? I also get it on my D/C.

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    Default Re: Hilux/Fortuner GD series problems...

    Quote Originally Posted by jelo View Post
    the factory diagnostic will be able to detect EXACTLY which one is duff, hulle praat stront
    Techstream is almost the same as the Toyota OEM diagnostics and you can very accurately determine injector status. Toyota Technician let my standby while upgrading the map on the 76.
    It is not what you buy its what you build.

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