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Thread: Sick Disco1 V8

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    Default Sick Disco1 V8

    Guys I need some advise please..
    The disco is 3.9 Efi,she starts fine and idles with a bit of a shake,on revving up she starts going crazy with some backfire through the intake
    I have changed the following
    New coil
    New amplifier
    New distributor cap and rotor and leads
    New plugs NGK BP6es
    Airflow meter replaced and checked with multimeter
    Fuel pressure 2.3 to 2.5 bar at idle at the rail
    New fuel filter
    Disrtibutor has no play
    Firing order is right
    Fuel temp sensor and water temp sensor checked with multimeter,all ok
    Alternator checked
    Could it be timing? If I get my nr 1 at TDC my marks on my crank pulley is at the bottom! That doesnt seem right
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