Hi, I'm in the market for either the Rigidek or the Armadillo Auto Roll Top on my VW Amarok DC. Waterproof is very important for me but also practicality but can make a sacrifice here and there by just planning ahead. So I'm not really looking to compare the 2, would just like to hear your experiences (pros and cons) of the 2 if you have one of them.

A mate of mine has the manual Armadillo but has had issues with the rubber tape coming loose and has had to replace it twice in the last year. How is the waterproof on this? I really like the practicality of it as you can open it and still load larger items without having to totally remove it.

How is the waterproof on this? I understand you can remove this in less than 5 min, but the only concern I have is that it if I'm somewhere and need to load something not planned for then it is a bit of a problem with this bin cover.

Really appreciate any feedback.