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    Default Rigidek & Armadillo Pro's and Con's

    Hi, I'm in the market for either the Rigidek or the Armadillo Auto Roll Top on my VW Amarok DC. Waterproof is very important for me but also practicality but can make a sacrifice here and there by just planning ahead. So I'm not really looking to compare the 2, would just like to hear your experiences (pros and cons) of the 2 if you have one of them.

    A mate of mine has the manual Armadillo but has had issues with the rubber tape coming loose and has had to replace it twice in the last year. How is the waterproof on this? I really like the practicality of it as you can open it and still load larger items without having to totally remove it.

    How is the waterproof on this? I understand you can remove this in less than 5 min, but the only concern I have is that it if I'm somewhere and need to load something not planned for then it is a bit of a problem with this bin cover.

    Really appreciate any feedback.


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    Default Re: Rigidek & Armadillo Pro's and Con's

    The armadillo leaks when it gets wet.
    Wastes to much space in the load bay.
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    Default Re: Rigidek & Armadillo Pro's and Con's

    I had a Armidlo on one of my vehicles years ago, had no problem with water getting inside, however I did find out that over time sand and dust find their way into the grooves/hinges and it then does not operate as smoothly. I stripped mine off to clean it properly but it is a schlep

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    Default Re: Rigidek & Armadillo Pro's and Con's

    I have the plastic Rigidek on my vehicle. It is great if the load bin is mainly used as a "boot", as you cannot load anything bigger than the sides of the bin. Mine hinges in the centre, and I have modified it to be able to lock in an open position to use as a canopy or when loading bigger items. Unfortunately anything higher than the roof line, and you have to remove it which is a shlep. It's not totally waterproof, but the one on my vehicle is 10 years old, and with some patience (which I don't have) you can get it waterproof. Dust will always remain a factor.

    We have armadillos fitted to our company vehicles. The fact that it retracts and you can load anything higher than the roof line is fantastic, but after about 1.5 years they started leaking due to dust collecting in the drainage holes, and after about 2years all have had to be serviced as they were struggling to open and close. I have to say the armadillos to me are not nearly as "neat" on the vehicle as the Rigidek.

    Edit: Proppie, I see you are in Pretoria. Why not visit the guys at Rigidek in Centurion and have a look at their products. The owner, Harry de Vries, is a fantastic guy who will take you through all the ins and outs of their manufacturing process.
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