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    Default Which border crossing?

    Hi, we are travelling to Zambia in June and are still undecided how to cross the border from Botswana. Will be overnighting at Pandamatenga and have booked for the next night at a campsite at Monze between Choma and Mazabuka.

    We are fairly reluctant to join the scrum at Kazangula and are considering going via Katima and Sesheke. Would love comments from forum members about this option. We are aware it would take much longer in terms of driving time, but if we are going to sit at Kazangula for hours anyway, why not get on the road.

    Would love info on the border post, how one crosses at Sesheke (presume it is also by ferry/pontoon) and the road from there to Livingstone.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
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    Default Re: Which border crossing?

    Join the chaos at Kazungula.

    Katima border on the Namibian side is hugely over crowded with locals moving between the two countries. It would have been ok but on top of it is a trashed road that will take you double the time it should have been

    And yes Kazungula is an experiance...

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    Default Re: Which border crossing?

    When we crossed at Kazungula last year April it was very quick, very few cars , lots of trucks but you bypass them, it took us longer to pay all the taxes than the actual crossing

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    Default Re: Which border crossing?

    Don't even think about the katima/ sesheke border. Officialdom there can take twice as long as the kazangula border, even though there is a bridge and not a pontoon, plus the road from Sesheke to Kazangula is, to put it pollitely, "buggered". As Berite says the Kazangula border is an experience and if you go with the right frame of mind it can be good humour.
    I regularly shift across that border and can do both sides in less than 45 mins, as long as things go smoothly. Worst case is 2 hours which is much less than the driving time to Katima and back to kaz.
    Kaz border sees lots of tourists and in a funny kind of way is much smoother.
    If you really want to miss the pontoon then rather go into Zim at Kaz and then cross over the bridge at Vic Falls into Zam. I'm not sure how much extra that will cost in cross border charges though

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