Out of date/ Incorrect maps on my Garmin 2589LMT

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    Default Out of date/ Incorrect maps on my Garmin 2589LMT

    I bought myself a Garmin 2589LMT over a year ago specifically because I wanted a GPS with T4A capability.

    I find it works very "different"/ difficult from my TOMTOM I had which supposedly should be an almost entry level GPS.

    I navigated at the end of 2014 to St Lucia and back and on multiple occasions it wanted to route me through non existing roads or through someone's farm or similar and I know for sure the GPS was not set to T4A unless I am mistaken, although I understand that a GPS is just a navigation tool I couldn't understand why it was doing it and put it down to myself possibly not setting it up properly or routing it properly.

    However on Wednesday the 27th april 2016 I went down to the Drakensberg with the wife to get away for 2 or 3 days and while down there I looked for some attractions, found the sterkspruit falls which I found on T4A and again the same thing happened, again it wanted me to go through someone else's property to get to my destination and when ignoring the instruction to turn off it recalculates and I eventually did get to the falls after having to turnaround and using my tablet to help with the route.

    Can anyone tell me if this is actually a setting I must check or is there something wrong with my maps or Garmin for that matter.

    If maps how does it get fixed.
    If unit how to fix.
    If me sorry there is no fix

    Please help with some ideas where to look.
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