Mozambique goba border customs corruption

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    Default Mozambique goba border customs corruption

    This post from Martin Otto on the Facebook group MOZ INFO :

    " Hi everyone. I want everyone to please be very careful and listen to what happened to me yesterday on entering moz through the Goba Border. I have been to Mozambique 8 times before but everytime it was only for holiday at Ponta d Oura. This was my 1st trip up north and I heard many stories of corruption but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. Myself and an employee was asked to transport some airconditioning spares for San Marthino Beach Club in Bilene and to urgently attend to some breakdowns at the resort. We had the correct passports and invoices for what we were transporting. Everything went smooth through Swaziland. Upon entering the Goba Border a man I later found out was called Zeta denied us entry into Mozambique as he said we needed workers visas. I showed him our destination and he asked to speak to Johan from San Marthino and I made the call. After their conversation and Johan confirming our arrival Zeta said the cost on entering would be R500 for the correct paperwork and I would need to go to customs to decalre by parts. I complied and approached another man who I presented with my invoice for the goods and he started working out what I need to pay, for quite some time I might add. The could hardly speak any english so it was hard to follow whsat they were saying but they were in constant communication with each other. It turns out I would need to pay R1500 which I naturally querried as I just paid R370 in Swaziland which I felt was fair. There was a lot of discussion and after consorting with my boss I paid the money and the presented me with what I thought was the correct paperwork. The official at the final boomgate asked to see my papers and once again checked my goods. He checked the paperwork and said I was clear to go.
    I got about 5kms from the border when a customs official stopped us. He immediately knew I had parts in the back and asked to see it with the correct paperwork. Again they could not speak much english but I could tell they were very unhappy. I remebered that I had Zeta's number written down and asked them to confirm that I had the correct papers as it according to them did not show that I paid. I sensed that there was trouble and immediately phoned Johan. He gave me Carlos Carvalho's number. I explained my situation to him and he asked to speak to one of the officials. I could tell from his facial expression that he was completely shocked. They naturally spoke in portuguese. I was handed back the phone and Carlos asked me to go directly to the border as he believes that I have been set up by the guys at the border and wanted to put me and my work colleague in jail for not having the correct papers. I was shocked as I believed this was the correct paperwork. upon arrival at the border the guy who took the R1500 was already waiting for me. I immediately handed him the phone to speak to Carlos. The man was also very shocked. Once he handed me the phone Carlos actually confirmed that they were all working together and the paperwork was indeed bogus. They took the R1500 and R500 that was supposedly my customs and entrance fee for themselves. I would have sat in jail until Monday had they impounded my vehicle had Carlos intervened.
    The man then called Zeta who I could tell was dismayed and by the way now speaks fluent english. They gave me back my R1500 and R500 and then proceeded to give me the correct paperwork for R1500. They both had rolls of money in their pockets I might add, when they gave back my money. I phoned Carlos again to speak to the man and I confirmed the correct paperwork after reading it out to him. The man even gave us an escort to his friends that pulled us off to explain to them and probably try cover their tracks. From here on in I thought it would be smooth sailing but Carlos informed me that there would surely be plenty of roadblocks or stops on the way. I was a nervous wreck as it was now nearly dark and I still had 3 hours to go to a destination I had never been before. Carlos instructed me to phone him everytime I was pulled of and to hand the official the phone. This happened 3 times. Once they spoke to Carlos they just smiled and said "no problem" and sent me on my way. I was flabbergasted. Eventually I was pulled off 3 more times and the second I started dialing Carlos they already sent me on my way as if they knew. I had one last police vehicle waiting literally outside my destination who decided to let us through as well. This was 1015pm last night. they were in contact with each other and had a target on us basically.
    Carlos I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and from Comfort Cool Air Conditionings' side as well. You are an absolute saint. I have no idea what I would have done without your help. I now know I would have been in jail if it weren't for you.
    People please be careful. Especially if its your first time. Join this group and tell your friends to join. Carlos's initiative is a very noble and helpful one. As if he hasn't done enough to help already he has offered to do the same for me on the way out until I am safely in Swaziland. You sir are a gentleman and there should be more people like you on this planet. Thank you! "

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    Default Re: Mozambique goba border customs corruption

    Very well done - thank you Carlos. We are traveling to Moz regularly now from Swaziland and I will be following with interest.

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    Default Re: Mozambique goba border customs corruption

    Tony , Mozguide, I see no comments from you learned gentleman regarding this post ?
    There is no task too simple for some people to complicate !

    Chev Aveo and Atos and Polo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncang View Post
    Tony , Mozguide, I see no comments from you learned gentleman regarding this post ?
    I've never been through Goba, but all advice has always been to avoid this post like the plague, notorious for all sorts of scams and hijackings. If you don't follow the advice, sorry for you. Do you have a specific question?
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    Default Re: Mozambique goba border customs corruption

    Ja Mozambique is not for sissys

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    Default Re: Mozambique goba border customs corruption

    "Learned gentlemen"...? Been called a lot of things, but this is a first. Thanks for the compliment, wear sunblock and use a clearing agent.


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    Default Re: Mozambique goba border customs corruption

    Passed through Goba yesterday and customs were pretty easygoing and didn't bother searching however inside immigration an all Africa Tours Or something commercial tour minibus full of what looked like gap year foreigners were having their passports stamped out of Moz and maybe 10 to 12 pax their driver a rasta type fella clutching their passports as his pax made appearance before immigration officer
    Well most were cleared but suddenly the female immigration officer made a commotion and pulled some poor kid from the line and asked him to go to an interview room it seems the no entry stamp scam was the lads problem and they made a big issue about it. I don't know the outcome but Heed this warning to tour operators DO check that each and every passport of your clients has been stamped on entry to Moz with correct date and visa if applicable. What happens is on entry they will stamp multiple passports. And you will hear thud thud thud out of sight ...but it won't be a stamp in a passport necessarily so pay attention or face a huge fine and or deportation of your client and severe delays to your schedule .
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