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    Quote Originally Posted by bokvirsports View Post
    High cycle is not advisable because it cannot handle the regular discharge and recharge cycles and will damage your battery.
    Quote Originally Posted by Poen View Post
    My understanding is also that high cycle batteries are ideal for shallow discharges.
    In a solar application where bad weather can regularly deplete the battery to cut-out depth of charge I think a deep cycle, or better still, lead crystal will have a much longer life span in a camping application.
    You are both correct in a way, but there is a good reason why high cycle is so often recommended.

    If ever you end up in the bundu, and for some reason your deep cycle battery is run down deeply (11V or thereabouts), and you do not have solar or a DC-DC charger, you are in for a nasty surprise. Your food and beer will both be doomed. Your happy holiday is over.

    A depleted deep cycle is a real sod to charge. You can drive for hours with that NL solenoid system or leave the vehicle idling for hours, but that battery only picks up a few Ah's. That is a lesson some of us have learned the hard way, and that is why so many folks recommend high cycle. They do not last as long as the deep cycle, but your fridge will be working and your holiday can continue.

    A lead crystal or AGM battery will also save the day to the same extent, or better, that the deep cycle does.
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    This morning.

    The fridge worked the whole weekend, never opened, no lights and no inverter. Bakkie was parked in a warehouse.

    By 12:00

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