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    The T4A Guide app that has been available on iOS for some time has now been launched on Android as well. It took us a while, but we are quite proud of our locally developed Guide app which is now on the two major operating systems.

    There is a blog post providing more detail on the new app.

    Just to clarify, T4A has two apps in the App store and Google Play:
    • T4A Guide App
    • T4A Overland Navigator (or just Navigator on Android)

    The Guide app is a reference app with maps that resembles the cartography you find on our paper maps, zoomable and offline. It is combined with all of our guide information. Points of interest with contact details etc, making it easy to get hold of a camp site or lodge near you, or finding fuel and places of interest. The guide app does not provide turn by turn navigation but will show your GPS location on the map as you drive. Think of it as a full set of paper maps and guide books in electronic format, all in your pocket. I am going to say it myself, but we are really proud of this app as it provides really cool maps and travel information in an easy to use manner - even my wife agrees!

    The Navigator app is a navigation app which turns your smartphone into a GPS. The purchase comes with the whole of Africa loaded and provides turn by turn navigation.

    Both apps work offline, i.e. no internet connection required once installed. They both use the internal GPS of your device to determine your position.

    Let us know if you need more information.

    As you can see the Guide app is locally developed and that puts us in control of new features and we are keen to learn from you what you would like to see in this app. We are already experimenting with tracking functionality so you can record trips. Routing is in the distant future, but definitely being discussed at every development meeting.

    Kind Regards
    Johann Groenewald

    For friendly support staff, call +27 (0)21 880 8660

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    Default Re: T4A Guide App now on Android

    Does the navigation app show the same level of detail as the guide map app? For example, does it indicate all the nearby camping sites with their contact details? I am not sure which of the two would be best to purchase.

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    Would seem that this app is still the worse navigation experience for 3 years running according to reviews even though it has grossed close to R1m. You should have partnered with other nav apps (rangeview for instance) and just sell the maps ad hoc but I guess you make more money this way. Pity because the maps are good but the app is the worst in the game.

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    I agree on this, totally user unfriendly. I am not trying to use it anymore. Just follow the route of GoogleMaps or Maps.me.......?
    Ps 16:5

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