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    Quote Originally Posted by zahd View Post
    Great info guys thanks a ton ... Or a 3 ton

    Marco, I like the sound of that - but has the 3.0 D4D got the muscle to pull this truck in all conditions?

    I assure you it will have more than enough muscle, just compare the kw and nm figures of your 2F against the D4D

    Power output 101 kW
    Torque output. 271 Nm

    3.0 D4D
    Power output 127 kW
    Torque output. 400 Nm

    Keep in mind you'll probably fit an decent stainless exhaust so you might as well go with some chip or software modification, this can get you very close to 150kw 500nm

    Nothing in the Toyota stabel will give you that power and consumption
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    Some light reading if the plan is still a diesel conversion:
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    I've looked at all the conversion options for my FJ62 and decided that the expense just doesn't warrant it. On the advice of some of the fine gentlemen on this forum I sprayed some carb cleaner down it's throat and have a set of extra leads in the cupboard.

    I've also got a powerflow exhaust and branch which sounds fantastic...

    They also suggested ditching the points and getting electronic ignition which is on my to do list. Honestly, as much as I'd like more power and better fuel consumption I'd rather wait and get a good 80 EFI or turbo diesel...
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    Now you are talking sense.

    Then, as soon as you take to the main road again, put some 2 stroke in the petrol. Those engines are prone to cokeing up the inlet valves. (Carbon on the intale valves and it greatly restricts the gas flow past those valves.)
    But, you want the engine to work hard. Get that carbon hot so it flakes off. Probably at about 300:1.

    3-4hrs of fairly heavy work will def deliver results.

    The alternative is to pull the cyl head and do a full decoke.
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