Fixing 4x4 system on 2012 250 dteq

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    Default Fixing 4x4 system on 2012 250 dteq

    Recently bought a 2012 KB250 dteq 4x4 single cab, the 4x4 warning light was illuminated on the dash and it would not engage 4x4 or low range. First step was to reset the 4x4 system. With ignition off, keep all 3 4wd buttons depressed, then switch on ignition while keeping buttons depressed for 30 seconds. After this, I could see that the transfer case was engaging (front driveshaft rotating) and low range. Unfortunately the front diff was not locking. I then removed the sump guard and opened the front axle actuator cover. Take not of how the gears are assembled. I cleaned everything and made sure the actuating rod moved freely (if pushed in and you turn the front wheels by hand the front driveshaft should also rotate). There are 2 slipping contact rings inside, made sure they are not bent and make contact. When refitting everything make sure the angle of the gears are correct. After reassembling and lubricating everything my 4x4 is working perfectly again.

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